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MKS’s instrumentation department offers design and detail engineering services for process plants, power plants, refineries, petrochemical, oil and gas plants, air separation plants, fertilizer plants, steel plants, and cement plants. Typical detail engineering documents and tasks include:

    Preparation of design basis
    Preparation of project specification
    Preparation of control philosophy
    Preparation of detailed execution drawings
    Preparation of instrument index
    Preparation of instrument elevation plan
    Preparation of interlock logic diagrams
    Preparation of cable tray / cable trench layouts
    Preparation of junction box termination drawings
    Preparation of instrument hook up drawings
    Preparation of cable schedules
    Preparation of fire and gas drawings
    Preparation of cause and effect drawings
    Preparation of requisition and specifications for instruments
    Technical bid evaluation
    Review of vendor package systems
    Sizing of control valves, orifice plates, and relief valves
    Preparation of bill of materials
    Preparation of interface drawings for DCS, PLC, SCADA and MCC
    Attending HAZOP meetings
    Preparation of earthing layouts for system and field
    Preparation of scope of work for construction activities
    Preparation of FAT and SAT procedures
    Preparation of as -built drawings and documentation

Our engineers have expertise in related activities such as review of design criteria, review of contractor design documents and drawings , and project coordination.

They are experienced in the use of a variety of supporting software including SmartPlant Instrumentation (INtools), InstruCalc, MicroStation, and AutoCAD